A Little About Us

Posel Construction offers professional hardwood flooring and tile installation, as well as complete expert finish carpentry work. We are proud to serve the Twin Cites and all of their eastern suburbs.

We have a little saying here at Posel Construction..."We grow ideas".

You've sat and doodled ideas on scrap pieces of paper; you've bounced ideas off of a friend or loved one; you've gotten ideas while visiting a friends' home and you've even had ideas come to you while you were fast asleep.

Well now it's time to do something about all of those ideas you have "planted" in your mind.

At Posel Construction we have the expertise and the tools to nurture those ideas of yours. The "seed" has already been planted and the time for action is now. PCI cares enough to really listen to your ideas... ideas of what you think the place you call home should be like.

From the day the "seed' is planted until the day the last nail is driven, we will be with you every step of the way, constantly working to provide you with the highest quality products and services available. It is that dedication to quality and service that ensures the finished product will meet your highest expectations. PCI guarantees complete satisfaction of all products and we back them with unequaled service.

Through painstaking craftsmanship you will come to reap a bountiful harvest, as that "seed" matures into the "fully grown" home of your dreams.

Maybe now you can see what we mean when we say "We grow ideas".

Posel family